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Academic Development Institute

Creating learning environments – at school and at home – where students thrive.



Every student learning.  Adults driving the school's improvement for the sake of their own students and children.


Strategic Performance

Organizing people and their work to achieve excellence. In partnership with the BSCP Center.



Personal Competencies Academy


Strategies to build students’ personal competencies for learning.


Including the Lesson Design Studio.



Building strong school communities where people connect with each other, and everyone connects with learning.


School Community Journal

Family Engagement Tool

School Community Index

Solid Foundation


Our goal is that all students succeed as self-directed learners, avid readers, and responsible citizens, respectful of themselves and others.

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lifelong learning

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Think of a student you know well. Where are you in this student’s system of support? What is within your reach that would contribute to this student’s success?

Support our vision of nationwide student success by sharing our free resources, contributing research, or utilizing our services.  Contact us for more information!

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