Welcome to the Achievement Profile Analytic Tool

The data included herein are derived from SchoolDataDirect, a service of the Council of Chief State School Officers' (CCSSO) State Education Data Center. Assessment scores are reported as the percent of students scoring proficient or better on state assessments.

Click here to see the currently-available data for schools and districts in the database.

You are able to define your own queries to produce tables of information about schools and districts, including multi-year assessment data.

You are able to search for:

  • district-level data, school-level data, and charter school data.
  • schools or districts within ranges of percentages of minority students and students in poverty (free or reduced lunch).
  • schools or districts within ranges of enrollment.
  • schools or districts demonstrating specific improvement trajectories, including a flat trajectory, incremental improvement, turnaround, or trajectories that you define.
  • Specific grade levels and ranges of grade levels.
  • Reading scores, math scores, both reading and math, and reading and math averaged.
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