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Student success within a strong school community.


Solid Foundation
® is a school-based, team process that helps:
  • strengthen family-school connections,
  • engage parents in children's learning, and
  • improve student academic and social learning.

Working with an External Partner (trained coach from the district, state, PIRC, or community group) the school adopts one of three Solid Foundation® paths described below.

With Solid Foundation, the connection between parents and their children's learning is not left to chance.

Solid Foundation provides a school team with the tools, resources, and proven process to develop, implement, and monitor a two-year plan based on a data-rich needs assessment. The web-based Resource Manual is full of research-based strategies, trainings, curriculum, forms, and tools that assist the school team in implementing its action plan. The Resource Manual includes field-tested materials developed by ADI in hundreds of schools and is now supplemented with resources from Beyond the Bake Sale, the classic book on evidence-based parent engagement strategies. Solid Foundation's online system provides agendas, resources, planning tools, and systematic documentation of implementation of a high-quality plan for improved parent involvement and a strong school community. The school community--families, school staff, volunteers--together build students' solid foundation of skills, habits, and qualities of character that will serve them for a lifetime: Reading, Studying, Respect, Responsibility.
    “Solid Foundation helped us identify how parents can make an academic and social difference in their child’s life at home and school. I would recommend this tool to anyone who is interested in improving their school community. Expect real results.”

Tony Brooks, Principal

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