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The Metro-East Parent Connection (MEPC) was set up by parents for parents to share the joy and challenges of parenthood. Raising children is the most important job in a parent’s life, and the Metro-East Parent Connection offers help and support. MEPC provides service to parents and school personnel in the Metro East area and serves as a resource to parents, parent groups, schools and agencies.

MEPC brings parents together to create strong and effective links between the “classroom” and the “living room” to ensure all children’s success in and out of school.

MEPC Mission Statement



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Metro-East Parent Connection

3131 State Street

East St. Louis, Illinois 62205

Phone: 618-874-8150

Fax: 618-874-8154



Building a Learning Community for Parents



Metro-East Parent Connection

Serving families, schools, and communities in the Greater East St. Louis area

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