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"Your technology training was specifically designed and tailored to introduce our teachers to a body of knowledge for some that was totally foreign. I applaud your efforts at making this workshop a 'teacher friendly' workshop."

Clemmie Frierson - Facilitator

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Professional Development for


Technology Training

The Academic Development Institute provides training for teachers, administrators and parents in the uses of technology to enhance children’s learning and build webs of communication within a school community.

ADI’s technology training is provided in four ways:

• On-site, 3-hour professional development workshops for teachers and administrators

• On-site technical assistance to work with individuals and small groups

• On-site, 3 hour workshops for parents

• Training and certification of professional development specialists (teachers or technology coordinators) from your school or district at one of our training centers

Professional Development for Teachers and Administrators

Training sessions are tailored to the needs and equipment availability of the site. The ADI Technology Consultants demonstrate classroom lessons developed with similar equipment in other schools. The training is hands-on, allowing teachers to become comfortable with the technology in a familiar environment. ADI’s goal is for educators to become avid users of technology as a tool for student learning, and to integrate this tool into classroom instruction.

Each topic is designed to work with the other topics and to expose participants to ways technology can enhance learning. Training is offered in a hands-on environment designed to accommodate the basic-skilled participant, yet challenge the more advanced-skilled as well. Participants are guided through step-by-step instructions from the presenters, assisted by a training manual. Interactive tutorials, quizzes, and tutorial presentations on CD allow the participants to review what they have learned and apply their learning to the classroom. Participants are challenged to produce a project on a given theme to present in a whole group environment at the end of the technology training.

ADI offers several technology topics, each provided in a three-hour format. Example of some of the topics:

Digital Media – Using digital media can enhance the way educators teach and the way students learn. Teachers prepare lessons with video and still digital photography and related audio. Students develop a narrative and structure a story or lesson in easy-to-manipulate digital media.

Equipment required for implementation purposes: Digital video camera, digital still camera, computer with digital editing software. ADI will provide this equipment for training purposes.

Online Tools – Teachers will be introduced to several free online tools. Online tools are introduced to create everything from an online worksheet or calendar, to a classroom welcome page or syllabus, to a parent information page. These tools can be easily updated and accessed by teachers from any computer with Internet access; likewise, students or parents can access the teacher-created-page from home or any computer with Internet access.

Equipment required: Computers with internet access, preferably at least one computer for each three participants.

Presentation Tools – Teachers learn to create presentations to illustrate ideas, create animation, and draw their students’ into the lesson being taught. Also, students can create their own presentations to document research topics or create student portfolios. Teachers learn the basics of putting together a presentation and see actual classrooms projects demonstrating how the technology can be used in their classroom.

Equipment required: Computers with Internet access and MS PowerPoint software, preferably at least one computer for each three participants.

Technical Assistance

ADI Technology Consultants work with individual teachers or small groups on developing new lessons or previously designed lessons using technology. This type of training and assistance increases the confidence of the classroom teacher in using technology to enhance how they teach and how their students learn. This assistance is available in lieu of or in addition to the training sessions.

Training Costs:

All costs listed include consultant time, travel within the state of Illinois, and materials for participants. For travel outside Illinois, actual costs for travel are applied in addition to the fees below.

Teacher Training ( 3-hours each ):

$450 per topic, plus $20 per participant for materials

Technical Assistance: $75 per hour, per consultant

Educational Technology Academy:

$250 per topic for a 6-hour train-the-trainer session, includes certification to train other teachers, administrators, and parents and a master copy of presentation materials and manuals, with permission to copy for one school; each additional school is $100. Pre-bound hard copies of manuals are also available and are priced per unit.

NOTE: Illinois CPDUs are available for teachers and administrators.

For more information, contact:

John Redding
Technology Coordinator
Academic Development Institute

1-800-759-1495, ext. 15

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Training sessions are tailored to the needs and equipment

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