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The Academic Development Institute (ADI) works with families, schools, and communities so that all children may become self-directed learners, avid readers, and responsible citizens, respecting themselves and those around them. ADI's vision is of an American landscape filled with distinct school communities reflecting the hopes and dreams of the people intimately attached to them. To this image of the school as a community, ADI is devoted. When the school functions as a community, its constituents (students, parents, teachers, staff) associate with one another and share common values about the education of children. At the root, members of the school community assume responsibility for one another. Those children become our children, and parents are not external agents, but full partners in the education of their children and of each other's children. Teachers are not isolated practitioners of pedagogy, but professionals integrated into the web of community and buoyed by common purpose.

  Academic Development Institute Partners


U.S. Department of Education
Promoting educational excellence for all Americans

Illinois State Board of Education
The Illinois State Board of Education provides leadership, advocacy, and support for the work of school districts, policymakers, and citizens in making Illinois education Second to None.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
CASEL will enhance children's success in school and life by promoting coordinated, evidence-based social, emotional, and academic learning as an essential part of education from preschool though high school.

IllinoisParents.org is the information link for Illinois families! We're working to link parents directly to local programs, services, and community agencies - and to help parents find information on raising and educating their children!

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