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The Transformation Academy 

Our Philosophy

For individuals and organizations, success depends upon:

knowledge and skill

strategies and tools

engagement and persistence

productive relationships

ADI builds personal competencies and organizational capacities so that people and organizations make productive changes in what they do and how they do it. 

Our Publications

Since 1985, ADI has published leading research for states, districts, schools, communities, and parents.
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From Educators Like You

I feel that [our] instructional system will be more effective due to the intervention process and staff will be more knowledgeable in carrying out instructional system both short and long term. 

School leaders and leadership teams have been able to identify strengths and weaknesses and narrow their focus in order to target instruction in the classroom. Leader visibility has increased tremendously which has had a great impact on the school in so many areas.

Indistar allowed the
district and school teams to plan, act, and revise as needed around those indicators. “We began to see broad, authentic interest in what this process meant for teaming, teaching, and learning." 

Seeing instruction through the students’ eyes was impactful. Many times leaders assume we know what is happening in classrooms, but the student lens provides us with what is actually happening.

The Transformation Academy has forced me to be more intentional on being in classes at least 50% of the time. It also allowed me to build capacity in other building leaders by delegating responsibilities that released me to be in classrooms more often.

The payoff is for our students, who now see their parents and their teachers working together for them. We are a much stronger community now.

Board of Directors

Loverty Erickson, MEd, ChairConsultant

Native American Education 
Bi Vuong, MPA, Vice-ChairDirector, Proving Ground

Center for Education Policy Research
Harvard University
Todd E. Johnson, PhDDirector

Center for Research & Data Analysis
Susan J. Paik, PhDAssociate Professor

Claremont Graduate University
School of Educational Studies
Ryan Baker, PhDAssociate Professor

Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania
JR Hoyer, MBAChief Strategy Officer

PLS 3rd Learning
Deb Page, BS, CPTPresident

The Institute for Performance Improvement

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