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ADI Services for Native American Schools

ADI offers five services that have been tested in schools serving Native American students:

Native American Projects

Building Students' Personal Competencies


Daybreak Academy is a training and mentoring program for principals and lead teachers. It focuses on building students’ personal competencies as a strategy in improving academic performance. Student cognitive, metacognitive, motivational, and social/emotional competency are enhanced through the school’s intentional initiatives. Principals and lead teachers are assisted by mentors through the one-year process while working with their faculties, parents, and community/tribal leaders. The Daybreak Academy is typically provided for a cohort of schools that participate in two, two-day trainings and a summative meeting together and share experiences throughout the program. ADI’s Internet-based Indistar® system and its Project Management Tool are used by the school team to plan and implement its work.

Engaging Families

Family Engagement Tool (FET) is an Internet-based process, loaded with resources, that guides a school team in assessing its current family engagement policies and programs, planning their improvement, and implementing the plan. FET gives the school access to a huge library of materials to download and use in this work.

Building a Strong School Community

School Community Index (SCI) is an Internet-based survey of parents and teachers (and students in high schools) that yields a comprehensive report about the school community, parent and teacher perceptions, parent involvement, and the curriculum of the home. The downloadable report also includes a threshold analysis to interpret and act upon the results.

Infusing Culture and Language

Culture and Language Infusion is based on ADI’s 14 Culture and Language Indicators for schools serving Native American students and the Wise Ways® research that underlies each indicator. ADI provides a two-day training for a school Leadership Team or whole faculty. The school then uses ADI’s Internet-based Indistar® system and Project Management Tool are used to develop and implement plans related to chosen indicators. ADI provides coaching for the school as it proceeds with the project.

Building Tribal Capacity for Education Leadership

Tribal Education Agency (TEA) University is a training and consulting service for the Tribal Education Agency. ADI will tailor the program to the needs of the TEA as determined by an initial needs assessment. Typical content of the program includes: 1) Governance and funding of Indian schools; 2) Working with state and federal agencies; 3) How schools improve; 4) How schools turn around; 5) Culture and language infusion; 6) Enhancing student competencies for learning and life; and 7) Engaging people—families, community, tribal elders.

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