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Expanding rural education is crucial for economic and workforce development


Experts from the Academic Development Institute, Appalachian Regional Commission, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, and our Child Welfare and Education division discuss how to overcome broadband and educational gaps in rural communities to promote economic and workforce development.

A Closer Look at Rural Education


In this podcast, Jenn Folsom of ICF Next speaks with Caitlin Howley of the ICF child welfare and education team, Sam Redding from the Academic Development Institute (ADI), and Janet Throgmorton, principal of Fancy Farm Elementary School, to discuss the unique aspects of rural schools in the U.S. and how they’re responding to the challenges of COVID-19.

The Rural Scoop


The Cultivating Rural Education series of the Rural Scoop features the editors and authors of the book by the same name! Join me and my guest co-host Julie Duffield of the Region 15 Comprehensive Center for West Ed in this special collaboration as we talk to editors Sam Redding and Caitlin Howley. 

Equity in Rural Education – NASBE – National Association of State Boards of Education


In January of 2021, The State Education Standard—the National Association of State Boards of Education’s journal—featured articles about issues that jeopardize the equitable access of rural learners to education. Topics included educator recruitment and retention, broadband access, student health and wellness.

Journal of Research in Rural Education


Since 1982, the peer-reviewed Journal of Research in Rural Education has published original research about education issues in rural places. The journal is now a structured as an open access e-journal, making it easy to keep up to the date with the latest research about rural education.

MSU rural education center receives $1.5 million grant for project to support rural teachers


With the help of a new $1.5 million grant, Montana State University’s Center for Research on Rural Education has launched a comprehensive effort to help strengthen K-12 rural schools across the state. 

Listen in on this lively discussion hosted by the Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP)

Zoom Webinar

Learn about why rural education matters, the importance of considering place in policy making, and how to ensure that rural voices are a part of policy making processes. 

Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices in Rural Schools


This research brief seeks to highlight the need for, and the importance of, implementing trauma-informed (TI) approaches in rural school communities, and shares recommendations for planning and implementation by schools and districts. 

Rural Database on Academic Development Institute Now Available!


Browse research, reports, and resources on Rural Education. Just follow the link above, choose the Improvement & Turnaround category, click the Topic/Issue button, then choose Rural Education from the Topic dropdown menu and click Search—or search by using key words.

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