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Liftoff Youth Development Program

Making Higher Education a Reality for Logan County Students

Logan County Nomination Form

Please note: Liftoff Application may only be filled out and submitted by teachers, ministers, youth organization leaders, and agency staff who know the student personally.

The goal of Liftoff is to boost the prospects of students in Logan County, Illinois, so that they aspire to attend college, prepare for college success, and persist to complete college.

Each year, Liftoff receives confidential nominations of 7th grade Logan County students, submitted by teachers, ministers, youth organization leaders, and agency staff who know the nominees personally.


A selection committee reviews the nomination material and selects up to 4 students eligible to participate in Liftoff's youth development program. The Woods Foundation board makes final approval of the selections.

Liftoff is administered by the Academic Development Institute and made possible by the generosity of Robert J. Woods and Joan Jarrett Woods through the foundation they created, known as The Woods Foundation

Since 2007, ADI has worked with students in Liftoff,  providing training and mentoring for students from seventh grade through college. Based on the Liftoff experience, which has demonstrated an 80% success rate, ADI provides training and a curriculum for schools and youth organizations to offer similar services for their young people.  

Our Team

121 N. Kickapoo St., Lincoln, IL 62656 • 217-732-6462

Andrew Brinkman

Liftoff Youth Mentor

Kathy Schmidt

Liftoff Youth Mentor

Ken Schweitzer

Liftoff Youth Mentor


For questions about any services or to request additional information, fill out the email form. You may also contact ADI toll free at 1-800-759-1495.

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