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The people closest to students bring to the table a wealth of experience and ingenuity. ADI has assisted more than 30 states and districts in providing systems of support to give these people the guidance, resources, and tools to direct their continuous improvement.

An effective system of support combines the strategic performance management methods with the getting better together approach to practice-focused collaboration.

Services to the Field

South Dakota- Support for Student Success: Continuous Improvement Process and Framework
A partnership with the South Dakota Department of Education in building the capacity of individuals to support districts and schools to manage the continuous improvement process, implement effective practices, and elevate the learning of all students. 

Virgin Islands- In partnership with the Virgin Islands’ Department of Education, developed the Virgin Islands System of Support for School Success. The Virgin Islands System of Support for School Success (VI-SOS) encompasses the various ways the districts and the territory (VIDE) support each school’s continuous improvement. Each school engages in a continuous improvement process in which members of the school community, led by a Collaborative Success Team (CST), set the school’s direction and plan the actions to elevate professional practice. The template for the Collaborative Success Process, formerly the school improvement plan, guides schools in the management of a continuous process by school teams. The VI-SOS supports the CSTs in that work, through training, coaching, and feedback to the teams’ work.

Puerto Rico- In partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Education, developed the Puerto Rico School Improvement Guide which outlines the school improvement procedures and strategies that Puerto Rico schools will put in place during the first semester of the school year. At this time, the Guide consists of a Getting Organized section and two Modules: School Improvement Operations and Teaching & Learning. As the Guide is further developed in coming months, Modules will be added: Academic Programs, Student Supports, and Community Engagement.

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